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Article in Stroud News and Journal 14th July 2018.#

Chris Packham joined a protest against the badger cull when in Stroud last week.

The presenter and conservationist held two talks at the Subscription Rooms as part of Stroud Festival of nature on Friday July 6th.

In between talks he visited Stroud against the badger Cull who hosted an information day outside the Sub Rooms.

A spokesperson for the group said ” We decided to organise an information day by distributing leaflets outside he Subscription Rooms as Chris Packham was giving talks and is well known for his love of badgers, foxes , birds and all wildlife.

“He kindly came to see us between talks and gave his support to our group in his talk making it clear that killing badgers and foxes upsets the balance of nature.

“Leading scientists and experts have condemned the barbaric and pointless cull as it is failing on scientific, humaneness and cost grounds.”

Link: http:   www.stroudnewsandjournal.co.uk/news/16354619.chris-packham-joins-stroud-against-the-badger-cull/