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People are out and about in North-West Bucks finding badger setts and looking for cull related activity.  We know that the cull has started in the Thames Valley Police area; probably in Oxfordshire.  The only thing found so far in Bucks is pre-baiting (peanuts to attract badgers) and subsequently a BADGER TRAP near ASHENDON.  The traps are normally wired open for a few days and then set to trap the badgers that are later shot, usually early in the morning.

We need as many people as possible to be out walking footpaths, checking setts and looking for anything suspicious that may be preparation for culling.  We are never told where the actual cull areas will be; We have to find them ourselves, with much appreciated help from our badger friendly helpers!

Will will soon be organising ‘Wounded Badger Patrols’ at dusk – check here for details.

All information -> stopthecull@bucks-badgers.org.uk – THANK YOU!