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The Board of the Badger Trust has just approved £20,000 funding to assist Tom Langton’s two Judicial Reviews into the government’s expanded badger cull policy. The new grant follows on from the success of Tom’s ICO case for which the Trust raised £12,100 through direct grant and crowd funding efforts.

“The Judicial Review cases have been greatly strengthened following the release of information as a result of the ICO tribunal win,” says Badger Trust Chairman, Peter Martin. “It’s important we capitalise on this success by keeping up the pressure on the government.”

Two Judicial Reviews will be heard together on 9th to 11th July 2018. One relates to procedures surrounding Supplementary Culling in Gloucestershire and Somerset. The other relates to Habitat Regulation Assessment of impacts on vulnerable wildlife within and surrounding cull areas and the related 2017 licences. A third and further challenge to the 2016 badger cull impact assessments is being ‘worked up’, also following on from the successful ICO Tribunal in 2017.

The plan is to budget for the worst case scenario but should the cases be won then any funds left over will be used to help prime future essential legal work, as it will almost certainly be needed. The High Court have limited the claimants ‘costs’ liability to a maximum of £10,000.

However, a further £40,000 or so is still needed to ensure all costs are covered. Many groups and charities have very kindly chipped in but Tom still needs around £10,000 per month until July to reach his target.

If you would like to add Gift Aid to your donation, please use The Badger Trust’s Just Giving page.

If you cannot donate with Gift Aid please go to Tom Langton’s general Appeal page.

Cheques payable to: The Badger Trust at the main office: Badger Trust (Legal Appeal), P.O. Box 708, East Grinstead, RH19 2WN.

Peter Martin
Chairman – on behalf of the Board of Trustees