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Glad to say that the group has restarted successfully! I am now officially in the background doing bits and pieces, and work is underway by other members to organise events, write newsletters, help with anti-cull activities, look at badger related planning issues, rescue badgers that end up in the wrong places or injured and many other things. If you’d like to help please get in touch either on here or via Facebook.

It looks as though the badger will spread out from the westcountry this year and expand in some areas where it is already underway. More help will be needed in badger cull areas. This is all very sad indeed, and we can only hope that somebody with influence will realise that badger culling is not the solution to bovine TB in cattle. Please continue to pester your MPs to get the cull stopped. If you need advice on wording a letter to your MP then get in touch. Accuracy is important in getting the message across.

Ideas for events always welcome.

Bob Simpson
23rd August 2017